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DJ Alexio



Alessio Grossi aka AIexio Dj was born in Ascoli Piceno in a small village in the centre of Italy.

His first approach to the latin music was in 1998 (at the age of 9) on the dance floor thanks to his parents. After many years of dancing and studying music, his passion became his real job.

In fact,  in 2007,  his musical taste, technique and passion for music brought him into the world of Salsa and Bachata deejay set.

In January 2013 he put a band together called “La Urbana 22” in collaboration with Fabrizio Zoro Dj and the musical director/pianist Tony Velardi (leaders of the famous band “La Maxima 79”).

At the young age of 23, he established his own “Sabrosura! Records”, focus on printing, distributing and selling salsa vinyls all over the world, from Japan to Colombia.

In 2015 He starts working for another record label in Milan area, the Smayra Publishing Group, who is holding some sub-labels such as Abanico Records and Tripeo Records. Excecutive Director and Producer of these two labels, Alexio Dj is producing several salsa hits and compilation as “Los Kintos Vol 3″, ”Guaguanco con Tito chicoma”, “Algo Sabroso, ”Ritmo Salvaje” Vol 1, 2 and 3 ,”Dany Noel”,  “Generacion ’73,” “Maikel Dinza”, “Willy Torres y su Orquesta” and “Conexión Salsera”.

Another big project coming in this year, is named as the hottest salsa band in the world, “New Swing Sextet” from New York , USA (nominated for Grammy). Speaking of cuban salsa, we can’t forget to mention other artists such as René Alvarez y su Cuban Combination in his new album ”Abriendo Los Caminos”.

Official Label also for the italian distribution for 2 of the well-known bachata artists Grupo Extra (”Lejos De Ti”, ”Me Emborrachare”,”Bailemos”) and Kewin Cosmos (”Dile”,”Puedo Ser”,”Solo Quise Quererte”) are just two of the artists managed by him.

Starting from 2017 his name is linked to the most important influencer mambo dancer, Adolfo Indacochea, partner for the production of “Mamboland project album”,  live music and amazing featuring with Mr. Frankie Figueroa and Mr. Tito Puente Jr. and the orchestra “El Chino y La Diferencia”.

Currently He lives and works in Turin in some of the best salsa clubs in town playing salsa, mambo, timba, bachata, cha cha cha, reggaeton…anything usefull to best party ever.