Ernesto & Denisse

Antonio & Jasmina Berardi

Antonio and Jasmina Berardi Are Brother And Sister. They started dancing at the age of 6 with the Ballroom dances and 10 years later they started to love the world of salsa. They started before with the Cuban Salsa and Afro Movement and later with Ny Style. They dance togheter since 2012 and they love mix the actions of Afro and Cuban Movement with Mambo. They love theach Ny Style Mambo Shines Mambo fusion , Body Movements Afro Movements Cuban Salsa. They are many times world champions of Caraibean Dance

Tomas Guerrero

The director of the lengendary Santo Rico dance company in New York, Tomas Guerrero has largely influenced and shaped the style of Salsa and Mambo...
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Griselle Ponce

Griselle Ponce is considered one of the top female dancers and choreographers in the world. Griselle was born for the stage! Griselle was raised absorbing...
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