§ 1 General

  1. Terms and conditions define the rules of participating in the event.
  2. Naming in terms and conditions signify:
    1. Organizer – Anna Chagowska Latin Events
    2. Participant – person who meets the conditions of § 2 of the regulations
    3. Event- educational workshops finished with a practical exam
  3. Data administrator of the event is ANNA CHAGOWSKA LATIN EVENTS with registered office in Warsaw ul. Ludwika Rydygiera 13/294, 01-793 Warszawa, NIP:5252294073, REGON:147096807, running the website at
    Full Privacy Policy is on the website


  1. Only Participants registered for the Event in accordance with the rules of these Terms and Conditions may participate in the Event.
  2. The admission to the Event is conditional upon:
    1. registration for the Event and payment of the ticket;
    2. signing a health declaration and a declaration where the participant confirms that they are aware of the risks resulting from the nature of the workshops they are attending;
    3. giving separate consent to the processing of the Participant’s personal data provided in the application form referred to above;
    4. agreeing for the unpaid use of the Participant’s image recorded in the form of a photograph or video recording in media broadcasts and promotional materials of the Organisers, within the scope specified in item.
  3. The above statements given in the application form are its integral part. Failure to provide any statement will prevent the Participant from participating in the Event, which is justified in detail by these Rules and Regulations.
  4. Due to the fact that an integral part of the service may also be recording the participation of customers in the event. The Participant declares that he/she agrees to the use of his/her image in the case of recording the course of the event, both in photo and video format, and will not claim any property rights due to their use. The participant will be informed each time if there is a person recording the photo or video. At the request of the participant, the organizer will always remove the photo or video in which he/she appears unfavorably. Photos will be published only through channels belonging to or associated with the organizer. If you do not agree to the preservation of materials, please do not pose and remove yourself from the photo or video and inform the person taking the materials at the time of its creation, so that he or she can react in time in case of, for example, group photos or video shots, where other participants would like to be preserved. The materials are used for promotional and marketing purposes, but they are also often the subject of a service, which is the recording of an event or the coverage of the participation of a given person/group of people in an event, which is included in the service offer or offered verbally. Materials will not be used commercially and will not be passed on. The materials will not be used or created in violation of applicable laws in Poland.
  5.  4. Ticket purchasing:
    1. Purchasing of the tickets is possible by completing the form on the website or at the registration desk at the event ( during the opening hours unless the tickets are sold out before).
    2. Online we accept the dotPay transactions, at the event desk it is only possible to pay by cash.
    3. Office hours will be announced on the website
    4. All the other information you can find in the Terms and Conditions of purchasing the tickets

§ 3  Safety Rules

  1. The regulations aim at the safety and health of Participants as well as defining the rules of the event.
  2. Organizer informs that he will exercise all due diligence to ensure the maximum security of the event venue. We warn you not to leave valuables unattended in order to minimize the risk of theft and loss of them. Participant declares that he will claim compensation if the theft or items left at the event are damaged or lost when he did not exercise due diligence to protect them (take them to the room), despite the recommendations. Participant submits such a declaration by accepting the regulations while making a registration for the event.
  3. Organizer informs that they will do their best to ensure maximum safety of Participant. At the same time, Participant declares that he or she will not claim any compensation or reparation in case of an injury or damage to health, which was suffered as a result of not following the instructions and comments of the instructor. Participant makes such a detailed declaration by signing a health declaration.
    1. During the classes, Participant is obliged to inform the instructor about bad mood, injuries, medical recommendations and any events that threaten the health of the instructor and other people in the room.
    2. Participants are obliged to immediately report any damage noticed in the room to the trainer or the Organizer. The use of the equipment by Participant inconsistent with its intended use and causing damage will result in a financial penalty depending on the valuation of the damage by the person or company that will eliminate the damage.
  4. Due to the type of the Event, Participant can expect abrasions, scratches, as well as other minor surface wounds of a similar type, and thus declares that he or she has been informed of this, as confirmed in a separate statement.
  5. Organizer reserves the right to discontinue participation in the Event to Participants who, in their opinion, require medical intervention or care in another area or, due to their behavior, pose a threat to themselves, other Participants of the Event or representatives of Organizer or persons cooperating with or assisting Organizer in the realization of this Event, as well as sponsors and partners of the Event.
  6. Due to the type of the event Participant is taking into account the probability of injuries resulting from inaccurate completion of the instructor’s instructions, Participant signs an additional health declaration, aimed at declaring the health status of Participant.
  7. Each Participant declares that he/she is responsible for any damage caused by him/her on the premises of the facility where Event takes place. This includes physical and material damage, for which he declares to be compensated in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Civil Code.
  8. Participation in Event is chargeable. However, paying the admission fee is not necessarily the same as taking advantage of the service. The payment of the event, without formal procedures, will not qualify for the service and the money paid for Event will be returned. Formal procedures, without which Organizer will not be able to provide the service to Participant are as follows:
    1. Acceptance of the regulations
    2. Acceptance of processing the data
    3. Signature of the health declaration
    4. Signature of the statement of knowledge of the regulations and rules of the Event
    5. Consent to a statement regarding the publication of an image
  9. The registration for the event is treated as acceptance of the regulations.
  10. Organizer informs that the Event area is monitored for security reasons. Staying on the venue may be recorded (audio and video) in order to ensure the safety of Participants and employees by various means (smartphone, tablet, camera, audio recording, telephone, etc.). This is to serve as evidence in case of any legal or judicial disputes. The area of the Event is registered in case of any intrusion of persons who are not our clients.
  11. Participants are aware of the possible risk of being infected with COVID-19 and of all the consequences involved (despite taking all the possible precautions).
  12. Organizer assures that the whole event staff will have protection in the form of masks / helmets and will be obliged to frequently disinfect hands and the place where Participants of the event are served.
  13. Participants and the staff are obliged to complete a health questionnaire truthfully. If the health condition or the questionnaire raise suspicions of a threat to other Participants of the event, Organizer may decide not to let such a person into the event area.
  14. Participants and staff are obliged to disinfect their hands often. Organizer provides access to disinfectants in the rooms and in the area of the dance training.
  15. Food and drinks will be served in a manner that maintains health and safety procedures.
  16. Organizer provides frequent ventilation of the rooms.
  17. Organizer provides disinfection of the whole event area everyday.
  18. The amount of people is limited due to the health and safety of Participants. This amount is in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspector.
  19. Organizers of the event have the right to ask a person who violates the rules of social coexistence and fails to comply with the security restrictions during a pandemic or the rules contained in these regulations to leave the room or refuse entry to the room.
  20. Participants are obliged to use the surface of the event intended for workshops or dance training.
  21. Any intentional damage will be reported to the police and the perpetrator will be charged for the repair or replacement of the damaged property.
  22. It is not allowed to entry the event for Participants:
    • who bring intoxicants, alkohol,​ psychotropic substances, any weapons, pyrotechnic or explosive products, possibly other dangerous objects and tools.
    • behaving in an aggressive manner, refusing to identify themselves with a credible document or to check luggage or clothing (if there is a suspicion that they may bring the above-mentioned items to the premises)
  23. Children and teenagers of the age below 18 must be looked after by parents or any other adult safekeeping.
  24. In case of appearance the appearance of a fire or any other danger it is necessary to:
    • immediately notify the security services
    • avoid panic
    • follow the orders of the Security Service
    • do not obstruct the access of emergency services

The Participants of the event are required to:

  1. Comply with Organizer’s recommendations regarding safety and health during and after the event.
  2. Often disinfect hands.
  3. Be prepared with personal protective equipment during the event to cover the mouth and nose. (mask / helmet)
  4. Submit a mandatory written declaration (entering the venue of the event or earlier online) that to the best of their knowledge, they are not infected, are not in quarantine or under epidemiological supervision, providing all the necessary personal data enabling the Organizer to provide the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and security services with personal data of event Participants, if necessary.
  5. Measure temperature often.
  6. Keep the safe distance (min 1,5m) wherever it is possible, especially in the queues to the toilets, the registration desk, halls and all the places where Participants pass each other.
  7. Use masks or helmets in all the possible situations excluding dance training or taking part in workshops.
  8. Take care of hygiene in the highest possible way to ensure the safety of yourself and other Participants of the event.
  9. Inform organizer about any dangerous or worrisome situations.
  10. Not participate in the event when there is any suspicion of being infected and contact organizer in that case.

§ 4 Rules of functioning of the facility in connection with restrictions related to the spread of SARS-COV-2 after 23.10.2020.

  1. In relation to the occurrence of a state of epidemic, from 23.10.2020 the venue is reserved exclusively for persons participating in organized activities, educational activities, sports activities or sports events referred to in the current regulation
    • Only persons who meet the criteria in § 2 may stay at the venue.
    • Anna Chagowska Latin Events reserves the right to verify whether the person using the service meets the requirements described in § 2, including requesting an additional statement or other confirmation of the actual situation.
    • As legal interpretations and definitions are followed by the dictionary definitions of PWN / academic interpretations and law educated practitioners.
    • If the customer’s verification is negative, the facilities have the right to refuse service, referring to bans resulting from directly valid regulations.
    • In the area of sports, there are also physical education courses, special purpose courses, preparing classes, sports events and sports seminars.

§ 5 Character of the event

  1. Organizer informs that the subject of the service is a sport event consisting of competition, organization of sports activities and physical education.
    1. The workshops are technical sport classes, based on specific technique or technical elements.
    2. The event includes exams and certification of skills acquired during sports activities. The form of certification and checking the skills of the person completing the classes is the so-called “Controlled Practice”, a method of practical verification of the participant’s knowledge in real conditions under the tutelage of the instructor
  2. Organizer does not offer its Participants classes based on exercises using music. All songs used during the training are private. Participant agrees not to listen to any songs and declares that they do not affect the decision to purchase the service, at the same time he or she has been informed that some employees listen to them to improve their own mood. Participant makes such a declaration by accepting the regulations during registration.
    1. The person teaching classes conducts technical classes. All rhythm classes are based on clapping the rhythm, taping it with your leg, counting the rhythm and bars or appropriate voice commands. Any music used in the background, if it is used only privately by an employee (trainer) in order to make the time between learning individual figures more pleasant, is also a way for many employees (trainers) to cope with the stress of the presentation in front of the group.
    2. The venue of the event is entirely private and is not a public space or a place open to the public. Only certain persons may be present in the Event Venue, at certain times and meeting certain criteria under the rules of the Event Venue. It is not allowed for unauthorized persons, regardless of the entity represented, to move freely in the venue. Due to the unique climate and specificity of the classes, which is also the subject of the service, Organizer protects the privacy of its clients and employees. For security reasons, any attempt to disturb the work of Organizers, trainers or administration will result in calling the appropriate services on the charge of obstructing the work, threatening the safety of Participants and harassing them. Each time a penalty will also be imposed for anyone who disturbs the work of the rate in relation to the daily turnover of Organizer, as a compensation for disturbing the proper work of the studio and the impossibility of performing their work. Organizer will also make claims against image losses of such an event. The penalty will be investigated through a court trial.
    3. Every person who stays at the venue, must be registered on the list of Participants, that confirms payment of the event. Person, who is not on the list is obliged to leave the venue immediately, unless the administration or management decides differently.
    4. Each list defines precisely the time, hour and personal details of the person allowed to stay at the event, at selected hours, according to the rules specified in the regulations. You are not allowed to stay at the Event outside of the specified regulations.
  3. It is forbidden to record and distribute on photos, videos or soundtracks, the stay at the Event without the permission of the Organizer. Any attempt to record the stay at the Event, the classes, the image of the trainer or other Participants during the classes will be reported to the authorities responsible for the protection of these rights and will be taken to court without the possibility of an arbitrary solution.
  4. Organizer informs that the Practical Training Area is monitored for security reasons. The stay in the Venue can be carefully recorded (audio and video) in order to ensure the safety of participants and employees. (smartphone, tablet, camera, audio recording, telephone, etc.). This is to be used in case of any legal or judicial disputes as evidence. The area of the Event is registered in case of intrusion by people who are not our clients. It is only a preventive measure for the purpose of the highest quality of provided services. These materials, if they are created, will be deleted after Event and will not be kept if there are no unauthorized incidents.
  5. In connection with the EU regulation we would like to inform you that information on how your data is processed is available here
  6. The way of conducting classes, movement sequences, methodology and the whole organization is an original creation prepared by the Organizers as well as people employed on the basis of individual contracts. The whole thing is copyrighted and it is reserved that it is the exclusive property of Organizers or other subjects, if it results from a separate agreement. Any attempt to copy, share, imitate and reproduce on the basis of the copyright act will find its consequences in court, without the possibility of an arbitrary solution.
  7. Anna Chagowska Latin Events offers Participants educational activities in the field of movement education with a note that some of the courses are concluded with a practical exam (called Practice), which verifies the previously recorded knowledge of the student and then presents this knowledge on its own in such a way that it is satisfactory for the examiner.
    1. Exams take place on a regular basis, immediately after the completion of the educational activities and are the basis for the passing of educational workshops and courses.
    2. Courses completed with an exam are marked in the schedule as “Practice”.
    3. Participants who are included in the examination will be indicated by the instructor.
  8. Since 24.10.2020, in accordance with the terms of the current Regulation of the Council of Ministers, the institution has ceased to provide services of making available a place for dancing organized in rooms or other places with closed space. In order to act in accordance with the current regulations, we would like to point out that according to the interpretation of theMinistry (, the above mentioned point concerns “making the place to dance available, the so-called “free dance floor”, it does not concern the activity of movement education or dance schools.

§ 6 Other regulations

  1. All rights to the name and logo of the event are reserved to Organizer.
  2. Organizer is not responsible for items lost, abandoned or left at the venue.
  3. Smoking is forbidden in the area of the event.
  4. Organizer is not responsible for the functioning of the Internet network and for any problems resulting from the configuration of individual computers, network interruptions or other issues beyond the Organizer’s control which can affect the possibility of problems with buying tickets online.
  5. Organizer has the right to make changes in the regulations if it is necessary.
  6. Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes to the programme of the event. The changes may refer to the location, workshop schedule and the list of invited artists.
  7. Organizer reserves the right also to cancel the event if it is necessary or if it is not possible to organize the event safely.
  8. Organizer reserves the right to remove a Participant who does not comply with sanitary requirements or will disturb the peace during the course of the event.
  9. Organizer is not responsible for force majeure such as: weather conditions – incl. heavy rainfall and gusty winds preventing the assembly of the scenes in accordance with health and safety regulations, breakdowns or disruptions in the operation of equipment supplying electricity, heat, light, military operations or actions of state or local authorities in the formulation of policies, laws and regulations affecting the performance of obligations.
  10. Regulations are available on the website and at the event office.
  11. Regulations are valid since the time of announcing on the website
  12. In matters not covered by the Regulations, we follow the provisions of the Act on the Provision ​of Electronic Services and the Civil Code.
  13. In conjunction with European Union regulation about Privacy Policy we inform you about processing of your personal data here
  14. The method of conducting classes, sequences of movements, methodology and organizational structure is an original creation prepared by Organizers as well as people employed on the basis of individual contracts. This entirety is covered by copyright and is the sole property of Organizers or other entities, if it is stipulated in a separate agreement. Any attempt to copy, share, imitate or reproduce based on the Copyright Act will have consequences in court, without the possibility of an amicable settlement.