ATTENTION! Online payments and bank transfer are available only till March 4, 2019. After this date we accept only cash payments at the festival registration desk.

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Before you continue please make sure you have read the “Terms and Conditions” (below) and “Event Regulations”. Proceeding to on-line payment you agree to and accept the “Terms and Conditions” and “Event Regulations”. Credit card transactions’ and e-transfers’ settlements are handled by Settlments Dotpay Center (Centrum Rozliczeniowe Dotpay). 

Please be informed that filming and photography will take place during the event. By purchasing the ticket you give consent to the use of your image.

By purchasing any pass for 13th  SALSA SPRING BREAK you agree to the conditions below:

Terms of purchase






  • We have a 14- days return policy. You cannot return your pass after 14 days from purchase, for whatever reason (including emergencies).
  • Passes purchased later after 21.02.2019 may be returned only until 07.03.2019. By picking up your wristband at the festival office you automatically block the possibility to return the ticket.
  • The refund will be sent to the buyers account within 14 days from the refund request, in amount and currency of the purchase transaction according to the confirmation received from Dotpay Settlement Center after the purchase.
  • You can resell your pass and change the name of the owner of the pass only ONCE. After 1 change, no other changes are acceptable. The pass after owner change is not subject to 14 days return policy.
  • The first owner of the pass informs about the change by sending an e-mail with new owner’s name, surname and e-mail address to the organizer.
    The change requires SURCHARGE if the original price of the repurchased pass differs from the actual price of the pass (according to Festival’s pricing table). The change may be proceeded and the additional payment has to be sent to the organizer’s bank account until MARCH 4th, 2019.
    After this date no changes are allowed.

  • It is possible to change a type of your pass as long as it is an upgrade to your previous purchase. In order to get the upgrade you should notify it by email to the organizer and pay the difference between prices (according to the current event’s pricing table) with bank transfer to the organizer’s account or at the registration desk of the event. The exchanged pass is not subject to the 14-days return policy.
  • A reduction of the purchased festival offer / pass type is treated as a return and is subject to the 14-days return policy.
  • Passes for 13th SALSA SPRING BREAK won in any kind of contest or received for FREE are not returnable, they cannot be transferred to another owner, changed for passes for other events or editions or exchanged for cash. We admit upgrades of such passes, according to the general terms & conditions.
  • Passes sold in SPECIAL OFFERS may be subject to separate rules of return, resale and exchange, detailed in terms & conditions to each offer.


To receive a wristband and to be able to enter the event you need to show your ID and the E-TICKET which you receive as an email attachment directly after a successful online registration and payment process . It is not possible to pick up a wristband for another owner.
• You are OBLIGED to wear festival the wristband during the whole event.
• You are entitled to one copy of a wristband. We exchange wristbands only if they got destroyed for some singular reasons. In such case you need to bring destroyed wristband to the registration desk where we can exchange it for a new one.
• Please pay attention while putting on the wristband, if the grip is comfortable for you, etc.

Please be informed that filming and photography will take place during the event. By purchasing the ticket you give consent to the use of your image.
We are extremely happy that you are building the dance scene with us. See you on the dancefloor!

Anna Chagowska & SALSA SPRING BREAK Team


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